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Scope it out

We'll check out your property and work with you to start designing a custom plan including flora that is right for you based on your location, sunlight and land structure.

Make your bed

We build raised bed gardens to fit your needs and your style. We can even extend your growing season by installing insulated hoop housing!


We can close the sustainability circle even tighter with this unique style of gardening. Hugelkultur dates back hundreds of years and was first used in Germany and Eastern Europe!

Catch the rain

We can install a simple system that can save you hundreds of dollars on your water bill! The plants like it better, too.


Whether you're a true green thumb or new on the scene we want you to be successful in whatever you grow. 

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Designing Your Digs

We don't mow and neither should you!


At least not as much as you already do. Green lawns take an immense amount of energy in upkeep. Replacing sections of your lawn with more stable and less expensive gardens can reduce your costs in the long term. This could be in the form of a vegetable, herb or fruit garden, a native flower meadow, or maybe a patio for you to soak up some rays in the summer!

Believe it or not your home has its own microclimate! Why does that matter? Because even though your neighbors may have some beautiful Dwarf Crested Iris' growing in their Southeastern backyard that same flower may not flourish in your Northwestern yard - even if you're only 100 feet away! Ultimately it comes down to the little things. Here in Roanoke we picture our grand 7A Hardiness Zone as a mosaic of multiple different microclimates and because of this we are able to really give your land the attention it deserves.

We are here to help you get the most out of your outdoor space, no matter the size.

Find your

Inner Peas

Plenty of good comes from gardening besides the obvious opportunity to get outside and the meditative benefits. Being able to eat food that you grew yourself is a huge accomplishment! Watching as the gourds double in size or picking lettuce for a fresh summer salad is second to none. 

But it doesn't have to stop there - have you ever made your own hot sauce or pickles? You don't have to harness the benefits in one season - in fact you can enjoy them all year long.

Let us build a raised bed garden that's right for you made to your dimensions! Have a bad back? We can build tall walls with a rail for you to sit on. Short arms? We can make it accessible on two sides so that you can always reach the middle. Whatever the case we want to make it easy for you to find your inner peas!


Inner Peas


Hugelkultur is, at its core, the use of rotting wood to provide nutrients to your garden. It is an excellent way to clean up your yard of over-winter debris, get rid of dead and rotting trees or logs, or to use up trimmings from overgrown plants! Such as:

-Oak  -Poplar -Alder  -Apple(or any fruit tree)

-Aspen  -Birch  -Willow  -Cedar

Practicing Hugelkultur will give your raised bed a strong foundation on which we can lay compost and soil to make your garden bed as tall as you need it to comfortably be. 

This process slowly releases nutrients, attracts worms and beneficial microbes and fungi for five to seven years, depending what material is used! While the wood decomposes energy is released which provides heat underneath the roots of your veggies while retaining twice as much water as mulch or soil alone. This means you'll use less water and get bigger results all while saving money on us trucking your debris to the transfer station!


That, my friends, is referred to as a "Win-Win!"


Have you ever seen the rain?

Rainwater is free to collect, naturally soft and abundant. With a capture system you can severely cut down on your water bill each month. According to the United States Geological Survey if you have a roof that is 20 ft x 12 ft and it rains 1 inch you could potentially collect 150 gallons of water.

We can install a variety of collection tank sizes to fit your needs. We realize that the space may not be available for a 1000 gallon cistern but let's start small! 50 to 100 gallons of collection will give you more than enough to take care of you gardens for days to come and with 

the average rainfall in Roanoke being 42 inches a year you are sure to collect more! You may even be eligible to receive a tax credit from the Commonwealth itself!


Click the link below to see how much you can collect based on your roof's dimensions!

Rain Gutter
Observing Flowers

Weeding and Deadheading

As your gardens and habitats grow it's only natural for undesirable weeds to find their way back in.  With our monthly bed maintenance service, you can rest easy knowing your plants will stay trimmed up and tidy, and we will remove any unwanted plants from your garden who have invited themselves in.  This is important or they will eventually take over your beloved garden!  We will also notify you if we see anything struggling in your garden, and how best to treat the problem.  Consider it a cleaning service for your yard!

Stay In Touch
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