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We build gardens... Can you dig it?

Sowing Seeds of Change

At Ecoscape we provide an opportunity for homeowners to utilize their land for personal and environmental benefit through sustainable installations.

 Companies that ignore the "Call of Change" and sit idly by, maintaining only that which is necessary to keep up with their current needs, will soon find themselves in a position of decline.  Ecoscape does not fit that mold.  We are progressive and constantly looking towards the future, staying on the cutting edge of environmental science, and striving to build our customer base, all the while doing what is necessary to maintain an ever-stronger relationship with those customers we currently service.  Simply put: we are a part of the necessary future of this world that will need to rely more heavily on renewable resources and a balance with nature. 

Our Story

Kai and Andreas are two like-minded individuals who met and fell in love in Maine in 2017.  They share a love for the outdoors and the natural world, and a desire to do their part to make the planet a healthier place to live.  After visiting the Roanoke Valley on a road trip, they decided this was the perfect place to bring their vision for more engaging, eco-friendly landscapes.  


Andreas has a degree in BA in Outdoor Recreation Business Administration, and years of experience in landscaping and hardscaping, as well as a natural inclination towards woodworking inherited from his grandfather.  Kai brings to the table a BSc in Ecology and experience working in the horticulture departments for Powell Gardens in Missouri and Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.  She is an avid gardener and worked for years as a florist which has helped her hone her garden aesthetic and design.   Each has their own unique skillset that allows Ecoscape to maintain the highest degree of quality and customer service, while the business continues to grow from our recognition and acceptance as a solid, professional company by our customers as well as our peers.


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