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No Time Like The Present

It's January, so most of us aren't thinking too hard about our summer gardens just yet. But we should be! Now is the time to plan what you will choose to grow this year, as well as where and how you will grow it. If you want to expand - need some extra space for herbs or a whole bed for lettuce, now is the time to install so you are ready to go as soon as it warms up! It's also a great time to fill up that compost bin to insure your plants have plenty of food this summer. Here at Ecoscape, we custom design all of our raised beds, troughs, and plantable furniture to suit your needs. If you have a special shape in mind, or height, we can accommodate! We also custom-make chicken coops, bee hives, compost bins, bird houses, bat houses - anything to suit your outdoor garden and wildlife needs! Call us for an estimate and get a move on those summer garden plans - quickly before spring is here and you're too late!

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