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Hey, Welcome to Ecoscape! My name is Andreas and I love this planet!

Here at Ecoscape we focus on the individuality of yards. We understand that just like thumbprints, your living space is unique to you and should be an expression of what your land can support and grow. We want you to get more than just a green lawn. We want to help you realize your lands potential.

This doesn't just mean vegetable, herb and fruit gardens, although that is a really good step! Unfortunately very few people get to experience a summer salad made of fresh ingredients they grew themselves! We have a question for you:

Why not use the space you have for something beneficial, more natural and easier to take care of?

The more diverse a landscape is the more biodiversity it attracts. By planting native species and changing the basic hardscape of your yard you can save money on care, water and weekly payments to mow crews (or the backpain associated with doing it yourself). We don't want to rip out your lawn, we want to tune it. This change won't mean the loss of the animals that already hangout in your yard. You won't lose the robins and the squirrels but you might gain things like:

- Hummingbirds

- Honeybees

- Nuthatches

- Dragonflies

The list can go on and on depending on how you want to shape your land.


These changes we are proposing only stand to improve your home experience. By planting the right species in the right places and introducing rainwater catch irrigation systems we can diminish your water bill. By putting the right trees in the right places we can cut down on your home energy bill by providing shade in the summer and sunlight in the winter. By planting vegetable, fruit and herb gardens we can lower your grocery bills and your reliance on mega-farms. And all the while we can be Stewarts of nature by providing a more diverse habitat for species of all walks of life to thrive in - including yourself. When there is a balance in fauna the amount of pests is met by a force of hungry insectivores and the need for harsh chemical pesticides becomes a memory.

Right now we have an opportunity to shift the direction that our planet is heading. It is our responsibility to do what we can to propagate that shift. By cutting down on, or eliminating, our use of chemical pesticides, nitrogen rich fertilizers and our energy consumption we can all play our part in making this world last a little bit longer.

That is the Ecoscape way.



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