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Growing Up

Ecoscape recently completed installation of a vertical garden dubbed "The Starden" at Mill Mountain Zoo! Vertical gardens are a fun, photo-worthy addition to the side of any building, and have the added benefit of reducing the carbon footprint of a building by filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air, as well as keeping the building cooler by reducing heat absorption!

While our new vertical wall garden contains all colorful ornamentals for show, this style of gardening can also be used for crop production. The concept saves on space and water, and allows those with limited growing space to take full advantage of every area. Plus, with versatile means of installation, they add a fun and unique flair. As more and more people live in urban environments with less access to growing space, vertical gardens will help individuals stay connected to their roots and enjoy their own green space.

Ecoscape has plenty of options and advice for starting your own vertical garden! We are happy to do a consultation with you, providing you with suggestions, plans, and advice for you to DIY, or we would be happy to come install ourselves to your specifications!

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