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Abiotic Additions To Your Garden

#Boulders are ideal plants.

They can exist in any conditions, the require zero water and attention and can accentuate spaces while bringing new dynamics to a garden.

Abiotic additions to gardens can not only increase the aesthetics but also add a level of habitat for living things. Mosses, lichens, and shallow rooted plants like thyme or phlox can, over time, make what was once a dull centerpiece into an art installation.

What really makes a garden personal is not necessarily an overabundance of life but also how you use space to incorporate naturally occurring partnerships between the living and the stoic. The young flora and the ancient stone that occupies all of our forests that allows for the views mind to rest on a focal point and enjoy the surrounding noise of color.

So this year while planting with bees in mind also think of how you can best embody nature in your yard with stones of all sizes.

Above everything else have #fun with your garden, make it your own and use it as an avenue of expression.

Let's get planting!

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